Linking secondary pages to a main page

Secondary pages are the destination page which can be reached from a main page. Usually push buttons/hyperlinks are placed in the main page which will take you to your secondary page.

The first thing you would have to do is to create your desired page. And when you insert that page into your project, click on the page properties and select the page type as Secondary page as shown in the pic below.


The OK &Cancel buttons check box should ideally be checked. But you can uncheck it if you want to override the default buttons and add custom buttons of your own.
Once you are ready with the your page(SEC_PG). Its time to link it with your primary page.

▪Open the Main Page
▪Click on Insert Push Button/Hyper Link
▪Double click on the icon in the Main page
▪Select the destination as:secondary page
Record Name as:SEC_PG_TBL
Field Name as:SEC_PG_FIELD
Secondary Page as: SEC_PG
▪Click on the Label tab,Select Standard Text
▪Select Static Text
Enter the Text as: Secondary page
▪Save it

Now it should be visible as a hyperlink Secondary page on your Main page.

This is how you create a simple secondary page. You can use this type when:

● You need no procedural PeopleCode logic before the secondary page appears (PeopleCode can be used on the secondary page just like any other page).

●You want to control the formatting of the information (therefore, you want to use a page and not use the Prompt function).

●You use the secondary page multiple times.

But if you want to invoke peoplecode then the DoModal function should be used.

The DoModal function displays a secondary page. Secondary pages are modal, meaning that the user must dismiss the secondary page before continuing work in the page from which the secondary page was called. To use Domodal function set the Destination as ‘PeopleCodeCommand’ in Push button properties

● Set the push button Type properties to peoplesoft command instead of secondary page, and  then call the DoModal PeopleCode function from the FieldChange event for the push button to display the secondary page.


Sample code:

&TITLE = “Secondary page”;
DoModal(PANEL.SEC_PG, &TITLE, – 1, – 1, 0);



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